Lingerie @home workshop



DIY lingerie making with friends at your home?

The promise of a fun and creative time!

An ideal surprise for a bachelorette party or just for fun.


We offer you:


  • one of the following workshops of De Lingerie Academie:

- Boann hipster: workshop of +/- 2h (no sewing skills required) - € 25 p.p.

- Calliope hipster: workshop of +/- 3h (basic sewing skills) - € 35 p.p.

- Aphrodite panties: workshop of +/- 4h (basic or intermediate sewing skills) - € 45 p.p.

- Aurora bra: workshop of +/- 8h (experienced seamstresses or basic skills with previous experience of sewing lingerie bottoms) - € 105 p.p.


  • patterns included


  • professional guidance at your home


  • all-in kits for purchase


  • discount for the host/hostess depending on the number of participants


You provide:


  • minimum 5 participants, each with their own sewing machine (you can also rent ours)


  • large table(s) and sufficient chairs + electricity cables